Our Story

Here for U is the visual brand at the heart of Leicester Services Partnership, an equal partnership between The University of Leicester and its Students’ Union which was formed on 1st May 2017. We are a commercial entity and the first of its kind in the UK within the Higher Education Industry.

We were created to unify all catering and retail operations and to deliver a sector-leading customer service experience as well as provide inspirational spaces to eat, drink, relax, reflect, learn, work and socialise while at The University of Leicester.

We truly aim to be ‘Here for U’ as we put our customers at the forefront of all that we do, by providing quality, fresh, sustainable and local foods (where possible), professional and friendly service and engaging spaces for all staff, students and visitors. We aim for you to discover, explore and enjoy a great variety of food and retail options on campus and are happy to receive feedback in helping you to make the most of your time at The University of Leicester.

“The Partnership will enrich and support the members of the university community by developing an innovative, discovery-enabled environment that feeds the mind and not just to body.”

Meet Our Team

  • Gavin Brown

    Chief Executive

  • Rob Bean

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Elke Pickard

    Head of Campus Core

  • Sarah-Jane Anderson

    Director of Finance

  • Clare Fox

    Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive

  • Zoe Bird

    Director of Business Analysis and Systems

  • Monika Barbarowicz

    Division Manager

  • Jo Holland

    Head of University Experience

  • Michael La Rosa

    Creative Manager

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