You can view all our outlet menus here. Chi restaurant, Oadby Food Court, the Graduate Kitchen and Delic!ous have 3-week rotational menus of popular hot meals you enjoy. Below are the dates that correspond to each menu week:

Week 1 – w/c 15 October
Week 2 – w/c 22 October
Week 3 – w/c 29 October
Week 1 – w/c 5 October
Week 2 – w/c 12 November
Week 3 – w/c 19 November
Week 1 – w/c 26 November
Week 2 – w/c 3 December
Week 3 – w/c 10 December
Week 1 – w/c 17 December



Ground Floor, Charles Wilson Building

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Oadby Food Court


Ground Floor, Percy Gee Building

Gee’s Food & Drink Menu
Food served from 11am – 3pm

Graduate Kitchen

1st Floor, Charles Wilson Building

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3


Ground Floor, Charles Wilson Building

Jacket Potato Menu

Hot Roast Menu

Attenborough Cafe

Attenborough Arts Centre, Lancaster Road

Attenborough Cafe Menu

Cafe North

School of Education, University Road

Café North Menu

IXXY'S Bagels

Union St. Food Market, Percy Gee Building

Ixxy’s Bagel Menu

Library Cafe

David Wilson Library

Library Cafe Menu

Pearls Bubble Tea

The IV

1st Floor, Maurice Shock Building


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