Chi is a contemporary café restaurant with an international theme. Offering a full English breakfast until 11am, head to South America with our ever popular Amigos burrito bar from 11.30am, serving burritos, tostadas and nachos with a variety of different fillings so you can always try something new.

We also have a variety of popular and tasty dishes from around the world on a three week menu rotation, serving dishes such as sweet potato and chickpea masala, roasted leg of lamb, Mediterranean vegetable quiche, beef stroganoff and much more. All of our dishes on this menu are just £4.95, please see below for menu rotation dates.

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Monday – Friday

Term time: 8.00am ~ 3.00pm
Food is served until 2:30pm

Vacation: 8:00am ~ 2.30pm
Food is served until 2:00pm

Located in the Charles Wilson Building

Week 1 – w/c 11th June
Week 2 – w/c 18th June
Week 3 – w/c 25th June
Week 1 – w/c 2nd July
Week 2 – w/c 9th July
Week 3 – w/c 16th July
Week 1 – w/c 23rd July
Week 2 – w/c 30th July
Week 3 – w/c 6th August

Chi Menu

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