Delic!ous offers a full range of salads, sandwiches and hot snacks, as well as a wide selection of hot and cold drinks. At the specialist deli counter you can create that perfect sandwich by choosing from a selection of breads, baguettes, meat and non-meat fillings and a wide choice of salad toppings. A freshly roasted joint is available at the deli counter every lunch time.

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Term time: 8.00am ~ 7.00pm

Located in the Charles Wilson Building, Ground Floor


Week 1 – w/c 8th January
Week 2 – w/c 15th January
Week 3 – w/c 22nd January
Week 1 – w/c 29th January
Week 2 – w/c 5th February
Week 3 – w/c 12th February
Week 1 – w/c 19th February
Week 2 – w/c 26th February
Week 3 – w/c 5th March
Week 1 – w/c 12th March
Week 2 – w/c 19th March
Week 3 – w/c 26th March

Delic!ous Menu

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