Graduate Kitchen


With a new look and more relaxed feel, all staff members, post graduates and visitors to campus are welcome to take advantage of the new Graduate Kitchen on the first floor of the Charles Wilson Building.

Opening times 11:45am – 2pm Monday to Friday

Our food menus work on a weekly rotation which can be seen below

Week 3 – w/c 2nd April
Week 1 – w/c 9th April
Week 2 – w/c 16th April
Week 3 – w/c 23rd April
Week 1 – w/c 30th April
Week 2 – w/c 7th May
Week 3 – w/c 14th April
Week 1 – w/c 21st May
Week 2 – w/c 28th May
Week 3 – w/c 4th June

Graduate Kitchen Menu

There are no menu items matching your filters
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