O2 Academy Leicester


There’s no denying that a good night out is part of the University experience. If gigs and club nights are your ideal way to unwind, slip on your party shoes and head to your very own O2 Academy on campus.

Opening in 2010, our O2 Academy was the very first venue of its kind to to partner with a Students’ Union. Purpose-built and fitted out with state of the art sound equipment, it’s also the only one to be found on a University campus.

The O2 Academy is home to your weekly student events; LetsDisko on a Wednesday and Shabang on a Friday. Whether you’re a 90s pop fan or an RnB lover, there will be something you can’t help but dance along to. Head over to Rockstar to check out your latest student events.

The O2 also home to some awesome gigs! From Blondie to Royal Blood to Primal Scream, we have had it all. Have a look at whats on here and buy yourself a ticket to a gig (or two!)



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