Voucher Service

Voucher Service for Open Days, Events and Groups

Why not take advantage of our catering voucher service which allows you to issue a group with a voucher which can be used in any of the University owned outlets.

You can request vouchers online for any groups you wish to provide catering for allowing your guests to use any of the Universities Catering outlets as listed here.

How the scheme works
Request the vouchers online – specifying the amount you wish to allow your guests to spend, we would recommend an amount between £4 (approximately a Sandwich and a Drink) and £8 (approximately a hot meal, dessert and drink) – but the choice is yours.

We print the vouchers and you collect them from Charles Wilson Building with the amount and date clearly shown.

Once issued your guests can visit any outlet and spend up to the value of the vouchers – or top it up with their own cash. No change will be issued for the voucher and the voucher will be retained by the cashier.

You will be recharged for the full value of all vouchers used.

Any payment voucher presented for payment which is not issued by RACS finance will not be accepted at the till.