Upay App

Upay is the quick payment system used across campus that enables staff and students to pay for their food, drink and retail purchases. The only requirement is that you are either a staff member or a student studying at the University of Leicester.

Why is the UPAY app so great?

Earn 5% back in loyalty value for every £1 spend. Collecting enough points, you will be able to buy a range of food, drink, stationery, clothing and much more by paying with your loyalty points.

Set auto top-ups, so you never go below a limit you set or top up on the go, your top-up would be updated straight away for you to use and you will get a confirmation receipt via email.

Reduce queuing and payment times with simple tap and go.

Receive offers and promotions via the app.

Receive live account balances and detailed statements right on the app.


You can pay in all our outlets through the app for quick and easy payment. The app is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

For more information on how to use the app click here

I want to be part of this community, how do I sign up?

Step 1: Opt in by clicking this link https://upay.le.ac.uk/  on a University Computer only.
This is so you can be recognised on the University network and your staff/student ID card can automatically link. We”ll explain further down in the step-by-step, don’t worry!

You will then be directed to a web link that will show you a personalised opt-in message. You must click ‘I agree’ to our terms and conditions, if you wish to sign up to Upay.

Step 2: You will receive an email to your University outlook inbox (this may take up to an hour). Within this email, a password will be automatically generated for you.
Make sure you copy the password.

Click the link within your email and it will take you to the UPAY login page.
Login with your university email address and paste the generated password provided from your email.

Step 3: Once logged in, you will be asked to accept the UPAY Data Consent. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, this will create your Upay account.

While logged in, for security purposes, we would advise you to change your password in Settings > Account Management.

Step 4: That’s it! You’re all set up.
you can now download the app on a mobile device, login with your email and updated password, top-up your account and use your smartphone to pay using the app and gain 5% back in loyalty value for each £1 you spend.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

You should now also be able to make contactless payments automatically using your student/staff ID card. No set up required!

You must follow these steps to set up an account and for the app to work on mobiles devices.

***PLEASE NOTE*** If you are in catered accommodation, please do not sign up, an account will be set up for you at the start of your time in university accommodation. You should receive communication on how to access your account. If you have not received an email, please email upay@hereforu.org

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