Using The Upay Chilli App

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The Home screen allows you to see information about your account quickly. You can configure the widgets on this screen to display the information that you want to see. As part of our latest release you can choose to display any of the following:

My Balances
My Loyalty Points
Last Statement Rows
My Rewards
Pay Now QR Code
My Wallet
My Most Purchased Items
Random Promotion


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Your loyalty points accumulation is visible on the Home screen. You will be shown a loyalty points total and its corresponding value. You will be able to redeem your loyalty points at the till or on the online SHOP when making a purchase.

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Just click on the Promotions button to see what is available at your site or check out the Random Promotion widget for the latest deals.

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Pay as you go Top-Up allows you to top-up your account in a manual ad- hoc way. If you click on PAYG Top-Up, you can choose how much you want to top-up or enter another value.

Pay as you go Top-Up is a great and easy way to top up whilst on the move, giving you complete control over when and where you want to add money into your account.

This is an optional feature that tops-up your account when you hit a pre-set minimum amount, so that you never run out of money on your account.

To sign up for Auto Top-Ups you, click the ‘Auto Top-Up option from the Top-Up menu. Then choose to Set Auto Top-Up. You will then be asked to set a minimum Auto Top-up trigger amount.

Once you have set your trigger amount, you will then need to set up your revalue amount. This is the amount that your account is topped- up by. Please choose from the amounts listed or enter a different value via the ‘Other’ button.